Helping clients to reach their goals through business integration, information and optimization.


To be among the best custom-designed retail furniture factories in the world.


Attitude – proactive action, responsibility and commitment to the objectives.

Commitment – excellence in quality and punctuality in the delivery of products and services.

Creativity and Innovation – value good ideas and talents.

Ethic – act on the principles of society.

Customers – achieve satisfaction and recognition.

Social Responsibility – promote sustainable actions.

Knowledge – build capacity to develop solutions.



Viecelli is an FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council® - certified industry, the main forest certification system in the world.


This seal guarantees the traceability of the chain of custody from forest planting onwards.


This means that our raw material, of forest origin, came from a forest with the best practices for its conservation.

By purchasing FSC® certified products, you contribute to the preservation of nature (fauna, flora and water resources) and also to the respect of the workers’ rights involved in each of the stages of the process.


Therefore, we all contribute to the maintenance of a more sustainable planet, where natural resources and the well-being of people come first.

*FSC® products on request.



    Viecelli Móveis is a furniture, millwork and fixtures factory focused on retail market, in the stores segment. Founded in 1989, the company has been working in the Brazilian market and international market. Among our clients we have the main brands in the World as our partners.


    Our factory is among the most modern in the world, with state-of-art machinery and structure, taking advantage of cutting-edge technology and bringing together all of the operating resources that are essential to the execution of our clients' needs.


  The excellence in our services and products are obtained through a specialized team and constant technological innovations. We are specialists in handling special projects, being self-sufficient to develop our client's products whether they are made of wood, metal, glass, acrylic, granite or marble, or solid surface material (such as Dupont Corian).


   We believe that a good relationship with our customers reinforces our bases which are built on three pillars: quality, punctuality and innovation.


    Viecelli Móveis is located, in Canoas/RS (South of Brazil), with more than 28,000 square meters of manufacturing area. Besides that we also have an office and a distribution center in São Paulo/SP.

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